Who Do You Think Would Win Between A Horse And A Gator? You Might Be Surprised. OMG.

Viral By Angel Darude |

When it came time to protect his pony brethren, this guy clearly wasn’t horsin’ around.

Visitors at the Paynes Prairie Preserve, in Micanopy, Florida, were in for quite the sight when they witnessed this utterly ridiculous exchange between an alligator and a large horse. While grazing in the high grasses, this brave horse noticed an alligator getting a little too close to his pony pals. Taking things into his own hands (hooves?) our hero charged the gator and stomped him straight to Hell.

After circling around his foe, the horse was in for a surprise when the gator tried to take a bite out of the competition.

Here’s another angle of the harrowing footage. I can’t even imagine standing right there when this went down!

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