Prepare For Cuteness Overload When You See This Boy Kissing A Chimp Through Glass

Adorable By Angel Darude |

Zoos are already a blast for curious kids who love animals, but this little boy had an especially awesome experience that I’m sure he’ll never forget!

Four-year-old Nolan Moore was at the Bioparco di Roma zoological garden in Italy with his mom, Angela Tomarelli, this month when he met an especially friendly chimpanzee at the great ape enclosure. Though the two were separated by glass, they made an instant connection. “Nolan started to play games, touching each other’s hands through the glass and copying one another. She seemed eager to play,” said Tomarelli.

Then some serious cuteness took place in the enclosure when the ape started puckering her lips. Watch their adorable interaction below!

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