Rogue Tire Takes A Comically Long Time To Reach The Conclusion You Knew Was Coming

Incredible By Angel Darude |

Car accidents are awful, and in the aftermath, things can get a little crazy.

Between taking care of injuries and dealing with any damage, some truly insane things can happen. But usually all the tires stay in place, or if it’s a really bad crash, at least fairly close to the scene. However, an accident in Turkey sent one tire flying into the air…and it just kept going. It takes such a long time to reach its final destination, you probably won’t be able to help chuckling a little bit.

These three men at a pharmacy are just minding their own business, but that’s all about to change. Watch this tire go completely rogue.

Yikes! At least it seems like no one was seriously hurt by this murderous tire. Share with your friends to give them a laugh today!

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