She Knew Her Cat Was Sick And An X-Ray Revealed Something That Made Her Feel Guilty

Viral By Angel Darude |

Making it in the real world as a young adult can be a difficult task.

As most college grads take on the stresses of moving out of their parents’ homes and getting jobs, Imgur user Ramphasto decided that the best course of action for her post-collegiate life was to become a cat mom. It was love at first sight for Ramphasto and her new companion, Ollie.

But the happy family was dealt a devastating blow when Ollie began throwing up uncontrollably. After a trip to an emergency vet, a series of X-rays and blood tests revealed that there was a mysterious mass lodged inside the cat’s intestines. Emergency surgery was his only option, but even that didn’t come with a life-saving guarantee.

After a struggle to secure the necessary $4,000, Ollie was prepped and ready for emergency surgery.

That’s when surgeons discovered that Ollie had eaten a whole mess of hair ties.

The ties had cut off circulation to part of his intestinal tract, forcing the vet to cut away the dead portion and sew the ends together.

Luckily, Ollie’s home now and on the mend.

Ramphasto is pleading with fellow cat owners to be careful about what’s within their kitties’ reach. Be sure to share this so that other cats can avoid Ollie’s awful situation!

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