She Was Hanging Out With A Friend When Her Ex Came And Nearly Took Her Life

Viral By Angel Darude |

In August 2014, Christy Mack was hospitalized following a brutal attack from her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Koppenhaver, more commonly known as the former MMA Fighter “War Machine.”

In March of this year, Koppenhaver was convicted of 29 charges including assault, kidnapping, and sexual assault after beating Mack so badly that she was sure he’d kill her before the night was over. Earlier this week, he received an aggregate sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 36 years.


The two had already been broken up for a few months when Koppenhaver went to Mack’s home in the early hours of the morning, where she was with her friend, Corey Thomas.

After beating Thomas and making him leave, Koppenhaver proceeded to hurt Mack so badly that she was left with a host of serious injuries, including 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing and broken teeth, a fractured eye socket, a lacerated liver, and a bruise on her leg that was so deep she couldn’t walk for weeks.

Mack wrote a horrifying account of the incident below, but be warned that it’s very difficult to read.

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