There’s A Reason Why Everyone’s Talking About This Woman. She’s Absolutely Amazing.

Entertainment By Angel Darude |

If you’ve ever needed help following your dreams, let singer-songwriter Mandy Harvey be your guide.

Over the course of America’s Got Talent’s 12-year-run, America has gotten to witness a wide range of tearjerking performances from average people trying to make it big, but none are quite as inspiring as Harvey’s. Stepping out onto the stage before the judges, she shared the story of how a connective tissue disorder forced her nerves to deteriorate, causing her to go deaf at the age of 18.

Harvey has had a love of singing since she was four years old, and when her situation left her unable to continue doing what she loved, she quit music altogether. After feeling like a part of her was missing, Harvey made the decision to work toward her dreams no matter what it took. Using just muscle memory, sensations of the beat, and visual tuners, Harvey made a triumphant return to music as she stepped onto the stage barefoot to feel the vibrations.

Harvey decided to audition with an original song, fittingly enough called “Try.” Her story will have you cheering.

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